The Denver and Rio Grande Southern Railroad.

Update....10.2013. Quick update. Have my GN M2 back from Matt Forsyth. It looks and runs super. Matt is great to work with. Finally scenic'd in my outdoor engine facility. Below I have added a video section to the site. It links to my YouTube(TM) channel. Take a look. First video, at left,below is from my dad's Sn3 layout. Second video, at right, is video of my MMI K-37. Visit my YouTube(TM) Channel to see more!!! Enjoy! Mike............

For you motorcycle fans: My 2012 FLSTN Harley Davidson.

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This web page will document my dual gauge layout.


Special Thanks and History

I wanted to mention 3 people who have helped me in this hobby over the years. Without their help and friendship, I would not be the modeler I am today. They are the best modelers I have been lucky enough to know. Thanks to:
  • Edward Luczak (yep, my dad)- Sn3; & can't forget mom, she let us stay in the basement forever!
  • Gary Engle - O scale
  • Chris Christoff - Oscale

They have taught me so much about the hobby over the years, things that a person cannot read in a book. Thanks guys.

So please sit back, relax and enjoy my version of the Colorado narrow gauge!!!

Layout Track Plan/Design

Have received a lot of requests for the track plan..


The layout was designed by my father. He has designed a few in his day, and still continues to do so. If you interested in getting a layout design done, he would be more than willing to do so. He can be reached at his email address. Great Prices too!

Comments on web site can be left at my e-mail address.

Layout Details

Photo #1 "What the hell is that, Joe? - 12.13

Photo #2 New era of motive power!. - 11.14

Photo #3 Morning at Point, CO. - 11.14

Photo #4 Rotary OM being moved to prep for more snow!- 10.13

Photo #5 Stock pens at night. - 11.14

Photo #6 Narrow and Std gauge here. - 10.13.

Photo #7 Gramps at ToPoint, NM Siding. - 3.13.

Photo #8 COAL! - 3.13 .

Photo #9 Key revenue rolling stock - 3.13.

Photo #10 Great Northern F3 taking a caboose through the area. - 5.14.

Photo #10a #490 waking up. - 11.14.

Photo #10b Cab Series K36 Cab - 3.13.

Photo #10c Cab Series K37 Cab. - 3.13.

Photo #10d Cab Series C16 Cab. - 3.13.

Photo #10e Cab Series C19 Cab.- 3.13.

Photo #11 K36 at the Narrows. - 3.13.

Photo #12 CB&Q F3 AA units at Tennessee Pass. - 5.14.

Photo #13 Shop Series Kozaks Machine Shop. - 3.13.

Photo #14 Shop Series Peek in the shop - 3.13.

Photo #15 Shop Series Peek in the shop - 3.13.


My favorite Train Hobby Shops and Train Web Sites!

  • Overall size is 25' x 25' Walk in style.
  • Code 100 flex track.
  • Small O scale yard behind town area.
  • DCC control. Wireless.
  • 3/4" plywood and 2x4 construction.
  • Room for about 30 narrow gauge frieght cars
  • Room for about 20 standard guage freight cars
  • CC Crow Durango roundhouse (on order)
  • Raggs to Riches Durango coaling tower
  • Tortoise switch machines

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